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Veterinary - Research Databases: CAB Thesaurus

CAB Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary for pure and applied life sciences, technology and social sciences terminology. Within CAB Thesaurus searches, you can select terms to build a CAB Direct search.

Using CAB Thesaurus

1. From the CAB Direct search page, click the Thesaurus link above the search box.


2. Enter your search term in the search box.


3. From the results list, you can add any of the retrieved terms to the search string builder box by clicking the orange Add button to the right of the term.

Image shows location of thesaurus term add button


4. To explore a term, including subject category, broader, narrower, preferred, and related terms, click on the term in the results list. From within the term record, you can add broader, narrower, preferred, and related terms to the search string builder.


Be aware that the default Boolean operator in the CAB Thesaurus search string builder is OR. You can manually change the Boolean operator to AND or NOT if needed.

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