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Veterinary - Research Databases: Vetmed Resource

Always access VetMed Resource through the LSU SVM Library's homepage or favorite the VetMed Resource link address from the Vet Med Library's homepage. 

VetMed Resource

What is VetMed Resource? What does it search?

VetMed Resource is a database from CAB International aimed at veterinarians which includes access to veterinary contents of CAB Abstracts, plus the Animal Health and Production Compendium, CAB Reviews, News, and Smart Searches.


Getting started with VetMed Resource

To utilize the save search function in VetMed Resource, register for a My CABI account at VetMed Resource. If you already have a CAB Direct account, sign in to VetMed Resource with the same credentials.


Explore VetMed Resource

Create a My CABI account in VetMed Resource

Searching in VetMed Resource

Combine searches in VetMed Resource

Accessing resources in VetMet Resource

Smart searches in VetMed Resource

Datasheets in VetMed Resource

Exporting and saving in VetMed Resource

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