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Veterinary - Research Databases: Create your Google Scholar profile

You can quickly and easily create a Scholar Profile in the Google Scholar database. Creating a profile will allow you to claim and showcase your scholarly works and the citations your work has received; Google Scholar calculates your h-index (for the Google Scholar platform) automatically. You can choose to make your profile public.

With a public profile, your Scholar Profile will appear in search results for your name. If someone clicks on the profile link, it will lead to a profile page like the one below.

Create your Scholar Profile

1. Create an author profileOnce you are logged in to Google Scholar, click on the My Profile link at the top left of the page.

image shows my profile link location

2. Enter your affiliations, email, and areas of interest, then click next. You will receive an email from Google asking you to verify your account; be sure to follow through with the verification process.

3. In the articles area, articles which Google's algorithm determines you may have authored will be listed. Select all the publications you wish to include within your profile by checking the box next to the appropriate citation(s). Be sure to check that each suggested publication is actually yours, especially if you have a common name. To find publications not automatically suggested by Google, search by title or DOI. Once you have selected all the publications you wish to include in your profile, click the arrow button at the top right.

4. The final step in setting up your Scholar Profile is determining whether you want your account to be public or private and whether you want Google to automatically update your profile with publications its algorithm determines are yours or if you prefer to manually review proposed updates to your publications. If you have a common name or know that other researchers share your name, it is a good idea to choose the review option.

Maintain your Scholar Profile

Once you have created your Scholar Profile, you can add a photo of yourself, maintain your publications, add citations manually, and add co-authors by clicking the My Profile link.

To add a photo, click the add photo icon on the default image and select the image you wish to display.

To add citations via search or manually, click on the add citations icon, then choose how you want to add titles.


image shows add citations icon and options


To add co-authors, click the edit link next to co-authors, then search the name you wish to add in the search box. Select the add icon next to authors you wish to add. Only authors with a Google Scholar profile will appear in the search.

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