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Veterinary - Research Databases: Highlighting and annotating records in CAB Direct

Highlighting and annotating in CAB Direct


1. To highlight a portion of text, select the highlight button in the upper right corner and select the color in which you wish to highlight.

image shows highlight button


2. Select the text you wish to highlight, then click the highlight icon. When you click the icon, a highlight box will appear, click save in the highlight box.

image shows highlight icon


3. To delete highlighting, hover over the highlighted text; a trash icon will appear. Click the icon and highlighting will disappear.

image shows delete highlighting icon



1. To annotate a portion of text, click the annotate icon in the upper right corner.

image shows annotate button


2. Select the text you wish to annotate, then click the annotate icon.

image shows annotate link in text


3. Title and enter the annotation in the annotation box, then click save.

image shows sample annotation


In order to export records with highlights and/or annotations, you must be logged in to your My CABI account. Select HTML as the export format and select either Citation + Abstract or Full Record as the citation format.

CAB Direct: Highlighting and annotating

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