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Veterinary - Research databases: Marked lists and exporting

Create a marked list in Web of Science

1. To add citations to a marked list, click the box next to the citation, or if you wish to add all the citations on a page, click the box next to "Select Page." Once you have made your citation selections, click "Add to Marked List."

image shows add to marked list box and selection boxes


2. To add a range of records, click Add to marked list, select the Records from option, then type the first and last record number you wish to add to the marked list, then click add.

image shows add to marked list records from option


3. Add individual records from within the item's page by selecting "Add to marked list" at the top of the record.

image shows add to marked list link


4. Once a record has been added to the marked list, a checkmark is visible beside the citation.

Image shows selected items in list


5. After selecting all the records you wish to mark, view all the selected citations by clicking Marked list in the upper right corner.


6. To remove a citation from the marked list, click the red x on the left side of the citation.

Exporting marked lists in Web of Science

1. To export a marked list, first select which of the records in the marked list you wish to export.


2. Choose the bibliographic fields you wish to include in the export. Default fields are already selected; different Web of Science databases will have slightly different fields from which you can select. 


If your marked list contains citations from more than one database, the available fields will be very narrow, unless you export records from each database separately.

image shows all databases selected records tab


To export records from different databases separately, click on the tab for the database you wish to export and follow the export steps in that tab.

image shows individual database record selection tab


3. Finally, click the export button and choose your export destination (print or email citations, export citations to EndNote or in another format, or claim on Publons).

image shows export menu and options

Saving a marked list

You must be logged in to Web of Science  to save a marked list.

1. In the Marked list screen, click the Save button at the top of the marked list output box.


2. Name and describe your marked list, then click the save button.

Using marked lists in Web of Science

Saving marked lists in Web of Science

Exporting records

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