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Veterinary - Research Databases: Analyze results and Citation report in Web of Science

Analyze results in Web of Science

Web of Science offers powerful tools to analyze citations. Use the Analyze results option to identify major authors in a field, determine who is funding research in a field, discover which journals are publishing articles in a field, and more.


1. From within a set of search results or in a marked list, select the Analyze Results link to the right of the search bar above a results list.


2. In the analysis screen, hover over a results category, then click the view records button to see the citations from that category. Use the two dropdown menus to change the display to bar graph and the number of results included in the display.


3. To change the analysis field, use the dropdown menu above the analysis screen.

Citation analysis and citation reports in Web of Science

For individual record citation analysis

1. Within an individual record, citation information is listed in a column to the right of the citation. The citation network includes the number of times the article has been cited by other resources included in the Web of Science Core Collection, as well as the number of times it has been cited in all available Web of Science databases. The citation network also lists the number of works cited in the article. To view a list of either the citing or cited articles, click the number in the citation network.


2. To create a citation alert for an article, click the Create citation alert link in the Citation network column.


3. In the Create citation alert box, select the email format for the citation alert, then click Create Citation Alert button.


For citation analysis of a group of records

1. Within the search results page, click the Citation Report button to the right of the  search box above the citation results list.


2. To analyze citing articles, click the Analyze link next to the number of citing articles.


3. The individual citations included in the citation report are listed below the report charts with the number of citations by year, total citations, and average yearly citation count. For a list of citing articles for a particular article, click the link for the total number of citations.


4. To export a citation report, click Export full report at the top right of the citation report, then choose the number of records (up to 1,000) and the file format in which you wish to export the report.

Discover trends using Analyze Results

Citation report in Web of Science

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