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Campaigns and Elections: Louisiana: Women's Suffrage on 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment


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The year 2020 marks the centennial of the passage of the 19th Amendment, establishing woman suffrage in the United States. Louisiana did not ratify the amendment until 1970, though the law was in effect as of August 1920. Supporters of suffrage argued that the state should make this determination, not the federal government. 

LSU Libraries Special Collections maintains holdings related to the push for, and against, woman suffrage from as early as the 17th century. 

20th Century: 19th Amendment and Beyond

Manuscript collections:

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Woman Suffrage Party of Louisiana letter on stationery

Edward J. Gay III Congressional File

Letter to Senator Edward J. Gay III from the Woman Suffrage Party of Louisiana urging his support for women's suffrage, 1917

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