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Veterinary - Accessing Library Resources: Overview


The School of Veterinary Medicine Library and LSU Libraries have a variety of tools available to access library resources. This guide introduces these tools and explains how to use each of the them.

If you have trouble accessing a library resource, discover a broken link for an electronic resource, or have any questions or issues, please email us at or call 578-9800.

Accessing Library Resources

The Library has a wealth of resources available, but finding those resources can be confusing with the variety of search tools available. Join us for a short class that explores how to access library resources. Learn where to begin your search for information and how to use the tools to find and access available resources. This class will cover the major veterinary and medical journals research guide, the Library Catalog, the SVM Electronic Resources tool, the LSU Libraries E-journals tool, and the Discovery search.

Presenter: Chairity Waugh

Technical Services Librarian

What are the tools and when should I use each?

School of Veterinary Medicine Major Veterinary and Medical Journals Guide

What is it?

A guide that details the major veterinary and medical journals available through the School of Veterinary Medicine Library and LSU Libraries in both print and electronic format, including years of available access and links to the electronic journal homepages. To access this guide from the School of Veterinary Medicine Library's homepage, click the Research guides link under the homepage header, then select the Major Veterinary and Medical Journals guide.

When should I use this guide?

Use this guide when you want to find out the major journals available through the SVM library and LSU Libraries and to quickly access these major journals available electronically.


Catalog search

What is it?

The catalog is the title level holdings information for all available library resources; it includes all resource types (journal, book, AV materials, government documents, etc.) in all formats and the location of where to find the resource.

When should I use the catalog?

Use the catalog to find out if the library owns a specific resource and where to locate that resource, as well as to discover what resources are owned about a particular subject.

Go to the Catalog Search section of this guide.


SVM Electronic Resources and LSU Libraries' E-journals tab

What is it?

SVM Electronic Resources is a searchable holdings management tool that links to full access to electronic resources (both electronic books and journals and online videos) available through the School of Veterinary Medicine Library, as well as major veterinary and medical journals available through LSU Libraries. The LSU Libraries' E-journals tab is the same holdings management tool for electronic journals and some electronic books available through LSU Libraries only.

When should I use the SVM Electronic Resources search or the LSU Libraries E-journals tab?

Use these tools if you are only interested in resources that are available electronically. It is also easier to find one word journal titles with these tools.

Go to the SVM Electronic Resources/LSU Libraries' E-journals tab section of this guide.



What are they?

A variety of subscription and free clinical and research tools that contain article citations and other information.

When should I use library databases?

Please see our clinical and research databases guides to determine when to use specific databases.


Discovery search

What is it?

Discovery search is a tool that searches physical and electronic resources owned by LSU Libraries (this includes SVM Library print and electronic books, but not SVM Library journal subscriptions) plus the contents of selected databases in a single search.

When should I use Discovery search?

Use the discovery search if you wish to get a broad overview of the resources available about a topic down to the article level. Discovery may also be a useful tool in the early stages of conducting a literature review.

Go to the Discovery search section of this guide.

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