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Book Arts Collection

A guide to discovering artists' books in the Book Arts Collection at Hill Memorial Library.

About this Gallery

In this gallery, you will find artists' books about women, women's roles, feminism, women's perspectives, etc.

Artists' Books about Women

American Breeding Standards

Knudson, Ellen. American Breeding Standards. Gainesville, Fla.: Crooked Letter Press, 2013.
N7433.4 .K58 A44 2013, Rare

American Breeding Standards explores the systemized rules about what comprises a good or bad horse, a good or bad woman, and the steps one might take to achieve the breed standard, using text excerpted from American Horses and Horse Breeding (1895) and Canine Breeding Standards of the German Shepherd (2012).

Venus Unbound

Sherry, Jane, 1953-. Venus Unbound. New York City: Granary Books, 1993.
N7433.4 .S418 V46 1993 OVER, Rare

In Venus Unbound, Jane Sherry explores the misogynist history of both eastern and western civilizations, and reclaims the symbols of female power which have been subverted by cultures worldwide. Sherry's dream journals were the source for text in this book, which is narrative in form, and personal or confessional in theme. Imagery of bondage and pain becomes increasingly positive and intimate.

The Presence of their Absence: Society's Bias Against Women Without Children

Schaer, Miriam. The Presence of their Absence: Society's Bias against Women without Children. [Brooklyn, N.Y.]: [Miriam Schaer], [2014].
N7433.4 .S323 P74 2014, Rare

Self-portraits with baby dolls. A photographic essay and autobiographical text describing Schaer's experience as a woman without children, and a survey of hostile attitudes toward this status.

Praise Basted In

Kaufman,, Margaret. Praise Basted In: A Friendship Quilt for Aunt Sallie. West Burke, Vt.: Janus Press, 1995.
PS3561 .A8612 P73 1995, Rare

Each section represents a friendship quilt block presented to Aunt Sallie. Each quilt block has a note card from the presenter on the left and Aunt Sallie's (sometimes snarky) response to the quilt block on the right. A sequel to Aunt Sallie's Lament and a glimpse into the relationships of related women though their craft.

Three colorful collage panels with girls and women

A Girl's Life

Drucker, Johanna and Susan Bee. A Girl's Life. New York: Granary Books, 2002.
PS3554 .R68 A457 2002, Rare

Publisher's description: A graphic melodrama of romance, crime and passion, A Girl's Life addresses adolescent angst in all of its fashionably gory details. The snares and pitfalls of contemporary life, which all girls must struggle to survive, are here revealed through darkly comic and fiendishly noir prose, accompanied by lurid collages and unusual typography.

Island Girl

Banks, Alisa. Island Girl. Dallas, Tex.: A B Press, 2008.
N7433.4 .B36 I85 2008 FLAT, Rare

"Island Girl re-tells a story of longing, rejection, acceptance and pride that my mother, who grew up on the False River in Louisiana, often told us. It is in the form of one of the floursack dresses the children wore."--Alicia Banks

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