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Book Arts Collection

A guide to discovering artists' books in the Book Arts Collection at Hill Memorial Library.

Exposed Bindings

Small blue book with long stitch binding.

A Winter Garden

Lawson-Hall, Claire. A Winter Garden. Marcham: The Alembic Press, 2001.
SB457.6 .L39 W56 2001 MICRO, Rare

One of four seasonal miniature books. Each volume in the series is the same dimensions but utilizes a different binding style.

Long, hot pink book with 4-hole Japanese binding.


D'Arbeloff, Natalie. Philosophy. [London] : NdA, 1990.
N7433.4 .D37 D37 1990, Rare

4-hole exposed binding, based on the traditional Japanese stab binding called "Yotsume Toji" with covered corners.

Large book with exposed link stitch. From the spine, you can see that the pages are multiple colors.

The Book of the Anonymous

Yau, John. The Book of the Anonymous. New York: Granary Books, 2012.
N7433.4 .Y38 B66 2012 FLAT, Rare

Poetry written in response to multiple translations of the "Tao Te Ching," by John Yau. Max Gimblett created many drawings and collages "incorporating rare and unusual handmade papers from around the world... the collages incorporate gold-leaf, photography, photocopy, and drawing." Susan Mills created the non-adhesive binding.

Exposed long stitch over abstract-shaped tapes.

Rhumb Lines

Deaton, Anthony. Rhumb Lines. Winona, [Minn.]: Sutton Hoo Press, 2002.
PS3604 .E19 R58 2002, Rare

Exposed long stitch over collaged and shaped "tapes" with marbled papers. Rhumb Lines is a collection of poetry printed with small press and fine craft aesthetics.

Vellum and leather bookbinding in the style of Spanish Medieval books.

Turning Leaves of Mind

Ligorano, Nora. Turning Leaves of Mind. New York : Granary Books, 2003.
N7433.4 .L546 T87 2003, Rare

Photomontage of Spanish medieval bookbinding paired with Moorish-inspired poetry.

Closed book showing exposed thread over vellum spine

The Circus of Dr. Lao

Finney, Charles G. The Circus of Dr. Lao. [Newark] Vermont : Janus Press, 1984.
PS3511 .I64 C5 1984 FLAT, Rare

Pictorial cloth-covered boards, over vellum spine with exposed thread pattern. Illustrated with a combination of relief etchings and pochoir using black, sienna and ochre inks on handmade paper.

Red book partially inserted into black slipcase. Exposed link stitch binding colored pages which references Mondrain's abstract paintings.

Mondrian's flowers

Loney, Alan. Mondrian's flowers. New York City: Granary Books, 2002.
PR9639.3 .L6 M66 2002 FLAT, Rare

Poems inspired by Piet Mondrian, written by Alan Loney; illustrations by Max Gimblett; printing by Inge Bruggeman. The exposed binding references Mondrian's abstract work.

Exposed leather thongs woven into vellum-covered spine with exposed yellow endbands.

Teach me, star of night!= Laer mig, nattens stjerne!

Laugesen, Peter. Teach me, star of night!= Laer mig, nattens stjerne! [Amherst, Mass.] : Bird Press, 2000.
PT8176.22 .A88 L313 2000, Rare

"Bound in quarter vellum over blue cloth boards, which are laced into a vellum covered spine with five strips of alum-tawed thongs. The endbands are buttonhole stitched with waxed yellow thread." -- Publisher's description

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