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Book Arts Collection

A guide to discovering artists' books in the Book Arts Collection at Hill Memorial Library.


Book made of triangular pages that can lay flat or be shaped into sculptural poses.

Star Poems

Hanmer, Karen. Star Poems. Glenview, Ill.: Karen Hanmer, c2008.
N7433.4 .H365 S73 2008, Rare

Star Poems can be held in the hand and read page by page like a traditional book, can be removed from its jacket and unfolded flat to reference historical astronomical charts or contemporary NASA composite photos, or can be folded into an infinite variety of sculptural shapes. The text presents quotes that document response to the night sky across the ages by philosophers, artists, and poets from Plato and Byron to contemporary writers, scientists and astronauts. This text is paired with 17th century mythological images of constellation forms and images of early star gazers on a background of a NASA photograph of the Milky Way.

Image of wooden enclosure of The Diener. On the top rests a bronze sculpture with a green patina.

The Diener

Serpas, Martha. The Diener. San Diego, Calif.: Brighton Press, [2011].
PS3619 .E77 D54 2011 LARF, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

Bronze cast sculpture is part of the enclosure for this work by Brighton Press. Intaglio and letterpress printing on handmade paper. Poetry by Louisiana poet, Martha Serpas.

See this book in action on the Brighton Press website.

Two photos. The first shows a box meant to look like closed shutters. The second photo shows the shutters open revealing paper pleated blinds. Text is written on the blinds.

Storm Sequence

Banks, Alisa. Storm Sequence. Dallas, Texas: A Bee Press, 2011.
N7433.4 .B36 S76 2011 FLAT, Rare

A shrine-shaped sculptural book that outlines the spirit of a protective ritual the author's Aunt, who lives in Pointe Coupee Parish, would perform when a bad hurricane was expected. 

Repeating imagery of a family portrait.

[Letter Home (III)]

Hanmer, Karen. [Letter Home (III)]. Glenview, IL: K. Hanmer, 2004.
N7433.4 .H365 L483 2004, Rare

Flag book structure Book is accordion folded and pages are cut in thirds. When fully opened, both the inside and the outside of the book form a complete picture. The inside picture is a colored photograph of a group of people; the outside picture is a black and white photograph of a street scene, probably Naples, Italy as indicated by the text.

Soft pastel floral illustrations and text about spring.

A Spring Garden

Lawson-Hall, Claire. A Spring Garden. Marcham: The Alembic Press, 1999.
SB457.6 .L39 S67 1999 MICRO, Rare

One of four seasonal miniature books. Five square leaves are mounted together and folded to open as a whole in a round pattern like a flower. Each leaf also opens so text can be read.

Multiple photos of a side-view mirror throughout a road trip.

Getting There, Being There

Ciro, Marcia. Getting There, Being There. [Watertown, Mass.]: M. Ciro, c2000.
N7433.4 .C48 G48 2000, Rare

“Ah, the road trip, that quintessential American activity. This flag book focus is on the seductiveness of the man-made auto environment, and how our drive to keep moving isolates us from the sensory impact of just ‘being’ in a place. The interior reveals a southwestern landscape through rear-view mirrors. On a closer inspection, staccato phrases from the car interior contrast with phonetic words that slowly explore the exterior environment. The outside of the book shows a parked car and a rich, inviting place – our reward for having stopped to smell the roses.” -- Artist's statement.

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