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Book Arts Collection

A guide to discovering artists' books in the Book Arts Collection at Hill Memorial Library.

About This Gallery

This gallery contains artistic photographic work. Nonsilver photographic printing processes, photogravure, inkjet printing, and photo snapshots are some examples.


Self-portraits with baby dolls.

The Presence of their Absence: Society's Bias against Women without Children

Schaer, Miriam. The Presence of their Absence: Society's Bias against Women without Children. [Brooklyn, N.Y.]: [Miriam Schaer], [2014].
N7433.4 .S323 P74 2014, Rare

Self-portraits with baby dolls. A photographic essay and autobiographical text describing Schaer's experience as a woman without children, and a survey of hostile attitudes toward this status.


Van Coller, Ian. Lundi. Bozeman, Montana: Doring Press, 2016.
TR655 .V363 2016 FLAT, McIlhenny Natural History Collection

Drum leaf binding containing photographs made in Iceland and the Faroe Islands in 2014, laser cut pages, found postcards and historic images, as well as texts from scientific journals and press clippings. The prints are pigment prints made by the artist.

Domestic Arcana

MacCallum, Marlene. Domestic Arcana. Newfoundland: Persnickety Press, 1999.
N7433.4 .M25 D66 1999 FLAT, Rare

Twelve photogravures are printed on four folded sheets, each of which unfolds to form a triptych of domestic scenes.

Cyanotype photography of trees

Blood Migration

Metoyer, John. Blood Migration. [South Dennis, Mass.]: 21st, published by Steven Albahari, [c2008].
PS3613 .E86 B56 2008 LARF, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

Photographs by John Metoyer, ancestor of Marie Thérèse Coincoin Metoyer, the first freed enslaved person to build and operate a plantation. She called the buildings on the property Yucca House and African House. Later, the property became Melrose Plantation, where Clementine Hunter worked and began painting. John Metoyer pairs autobiographical poetry with platinum, palladium, kallitype and cyanotype photographic prints.

Long Slow March

Meador, Clifton. Long Slow March. Purchase, N.Y.: Center for Editions, Purchase College, 1996.
N7433.4 .M46 L66 1996, Rare

Plates of illustrations include photographs of the road from Selma to Montgomery overprinted with newspaper excerpts, and images from the actual march. "The textual pieces are drawn from a variety of primary sources, from mid-nineteenth-century slave narratives, to slavery apologists, to mid-twentieth-century segregationist crazy people. Some have been slightly fictionalized."--Colophon


Morrison, Lois. After. 1996.
N7433.4 .M697 A38 1996, Rare

Accordion structure composed of photographs, color Xeroxes, and Gocco printing. Lois Morrison creates imaginative and whimsical books, often with a movable or 3D component, sparse in text to leave room for interpretation.

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