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Photography Research: Getting Started

Where and how to find photography sources in the library

Finding materials about photography and photographs can be tricky, particularly with print resources,  Photography is not generally shelved in the 'N-NX' call number section of the library shelves, where most of the Fine Arts books are located.  Most photography books are located in the 'TR' section (4th Floor of the library).  However, depending on the topic, they can also appear in the 'AM, GN, SB' call number ranges, as well as other sections of the stacks.   

It's important to narrow down your search to a specific topic in mind, such as a photographer, a technique, or a subject such as landscape photography in mind before you begin.

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Search terms/subject headings

Below are some subject terms to get  you started.  They can be used to search for resources in DISCOVERY and the Library Catalog.  Note that some are very broad and bring up a large number of results.  You will need to narrow them down.  

Note: these links will bring up results from the library's Catalog.  You will need to conduct separate searches in DISCOVERY.


Photography equipment and supplies


Digital photography


Photography methods


Photography techniques


Women photographers

Architectural photography---Louisiana

Landscape photography

Portrait photography



Other guides to get you started

The library has a number of tutorials on how to choose your topic, use the databases and evaluate resources that you find as you research your topic.

Below are a list of tutorial-related guides.

Information Literacy Tutorials

Finding Articles

Finding Disserations and Theses

Introduction to Special Collections and Archives

Louisiana Digital Commons

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