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Veterinary - EndNote 20: Import References

Import references

Direct export from select databases


Direct export from PubMed

  • Conduct your PubMed search
  • Select your preferred references with a check mark
  • From the 'Send to' drop-down menu, select 'Citation manager'
  • Click 'Create File'
  • 'Open' file
  • If prompted with a choice, select 'EndNote'

Direct export from Web of Science

  • Conduct your Web of Science search
  • Select your preferred references with a check mark
  • From the 'Export' tab, select 'EndNote Desktop'
  • Choose your 'Records' option and 'Records Content' option
  • Select 'Export'
  • 'Open' file
  • If prompted with a choice, select 'EndNote'

Direct export from CAB Direct

  • Conduct your CAB Direct search
  • Select your preferred references with a check mark
  • Select the 'Download or export selected records' button  on the 'Actions' ribbon
  • Export to 'File'
  • Choose your preferred 'Records to Export'
  • Choose 'RIS' for 'Export Format'
  • Choose your 'Citation Format'
  • 'Open' file
  • If prompted with a choice, select 'EndNote'

Direct export from VetMed Resource

  • Conduct your VetMed Resource search
  • Select your preferred references with a star
  • Select the My CABI tab  at top right
  • Choose 'Selected records' tab
  • Select your records with a check mark
  • Select 'Export Citations' at the top
  • 'Open' file
  • If prompted with a choice, select 'EndNote'


If you have a collection of reference citations that you have gathered from other places, there is a tool that allows you to find corresponding PubMed records (minus the PMID or DOI numbers). The records can then be downloaded as an RIS (or BibTeX) file and uploaded into your EndNote Library. There are just a few things to keep in mind when using the HubMed Citation Finder:

  1. Navigate to HubMed Citation Finder

HubMed Citation Finder link

  1. Paste your list of citations - one on each line


  1. Choose a citation format and select the "Search" button
  2. Select the correct Match for each of your citations


  1. If there is no correct Match for your citation, de-select the highlighted Match and either: 1) edit the text and search again OR 2) leave unselected


  1. Once you have selected all of the correct Matches for each citation, click the 'Download' button at the bottom of the page

Image of "Download All Selected Citations" button

  1. Import the RIS file into EndNote using one of the first two import techniques listed above: 1) Direct export from select databases OR 2) Import reference files (that have been downloaded/ saved /shared)


Import reference files from select databases


While many databases allow a direct export of references to be sent to EndNote, some databases do not. In these cases, reference                            files must be saved to a computer and then imported into EndNote. The procedure to format and save references varies by database, but the import procedure is the same. The import method is also used when a colleague has sent you a reference file that you would like to add to your EndNote library.


  • Import the reference file into EndNote by selecting 'File' at the top menu, then 'Import'. You can either select a single file to import or a folder. Choose the file you wish to import and then select the correct 'Import Option’ by file-type or database (The RIS file format works well with EndNote)


  • Using this import method gives you an optional feature to: 1) 'import all' duplicate references, 2) 'discard duplicates' 3) 'import into duplicates library'


  • Using this import method also gives an optional feature to choose a foreign language text translation filter

Import references directly from EndNote using 'Online Search'

  • Locate the 'Online Search' section on the left-hand side Groups panel.
  • Select the database of your choice (PubMed and Web of Science work best at the SVM) and use the middle column search fields to find your reference(s)
  • Select your chosen reference or references, right-click on the reference and select ‘Add references to’


Full discussion

For a full discussion of EndNote 20 topics and tips, visit the Clarivate research guide located online:

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