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Dual Enrollment Resources for Students & Instructors (LSU DE ENGL)

This online research guide for LSU Dual Enrolled English students will help you find resources for your research paper!

Google search strings to find what you want!

Google is an incredible tool - librarians use it all the time!  But librarians know how to search Google in a way that cuts out a lot of extraneous information and sites, making our searches better and more effecient.  The tips below are ways in which we search for information via Google.  It's good to start your search knowing what type of information you're looking for and use these search strings to help you find it in a more time efficient way! 

Here are three tips that can help your search: 

  • Use quotation marks to keep words together in your search "haunted cemetery" (Google automatically assumes an AND between each search term that you type in without using quotation marks) 
  • Use site to search specific types of site domains site: gov or site: edu
  • Use filetype to find specific formats, filtetype: pdf or filetype: ppt or filetype:xls

OR you can follow the link below to the advanced Google search option that opens up a whole WORLD of online searching: 

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