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Dual Enrollment Resources for Students & Instructors (LSU DE ENGL)

This online research guide for LSU Dual Enrolled English students will help you find resources for your research paper!

Choosing a Topic is Research!

Choosing a research topic can be difficult, trust me, we've all been there!  But remember, developing a research topic is NOT the same as developing a thesis ... that comes later!  Your research topic can be broad at first, something you're interested in, and will narrow as you go through the steps of the research process.  

Tips for developing a research topic

  • Brainstorm ideas - write them down on paper, type them in your phone, draw a mind map! Just get those ideas out there!! 
  • Talk to the people around you - share your ideas with your roommate, classmate, friends, instructors, or librarians. Talking through your topic will help you clarify what you're actually interested in and will help you find something that's "researchable."  
  • Check out what's trending on social media, what's happening in the news, browse Wikipedia or other sites for topic ideas. (Check out the State Library Resources tab on this research guide and look for the Background Information sources listed, they're a great starting point!) 
  • Make sure you understand your assignment and what's expected of you (how many sources, what types of sources, etc) 
  • Select a topic that is interesting to you!! This is so important because trying to research something you don't care about is PAINFUL!!! Researching something you're actually interested in is... FUN!! 

 Watch these videos from UNLV and NCSU Libraries to gather ideas on your next steps!  


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