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ARTH 1440 Historical Survey of the Arts: Paper 2

This LibGuide covers research strategies and sources for Assignments 1 and 2.

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Paper #2:

Select two artworks among those that we look at in class and write a compare and contrast essay about them of up to 1000 words (no more). 

  • Find good images. If one of the two works, or both, are preserved in a museum, remember to check the official website of that museum (you can often find excellent photographs and information on specific works of art in museum websites). ARTH 1440: From Caves to Cathedrals Fall 2018 p. 5 of 8 
  • Give a formal and contextual analysis of each of the two works of art and find a way to make your comparison of them meaningful. The primary emphasis of the paper should be your own description, analysis and comparison, informed by what you have learned in class about style and historical context. Make the most of the visual information provided by the two works of art themselves and point out the inherent aesthetic qualities of each of them. 
  • Your analysis and comparison may bring up questions: include them in your paper as possible directions for further research.  
  • Carefully select the sources/websites that you want to use for your paper and include them in your list of sources.
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