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ARTH 1440 Historical Survey of the Arts: Paper 1

This LibGuide covers research strategies and sources for Assignments 1 and 2.

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Paper #1:
Select one among the artworks that we look at in class and write an entry on it – description and analysis – of about 500 words (up to 700 words, no more).
  • Give a formal analysis of the work of art as it appears to you:
  1. visual description (describe what you see),
  2. subject matter (does the work tell a story? If so, what is it?),
  3. size, material and technique,
  4. conservation (remark on any sign of damage, incompleteness, restoration, etc.).
  • Make the most of the visual information provided by the work of art or architecture and point out its inherent aesthetic qualities. The goal is to exercise your ability to observe and describe in writing.
  • Provide contextual information: artist, patron, date and historical context. 
  • Refer to any relevant art historical themes and underlying concepts introduced in class.
  • Feel free to include any questions that your analysis may bring up. o List any bibliography and source of information that you have used.
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