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Open Educational Resources (OER)/Affordable Educational Resources (AER) Course Marking Mandate: How to list a course as AER or OER

How to list a course as AER or OER

Before Lockout

  • All course information is entered by department schedulers. Instructors should communicate AER/OER course designation with department schedulers along with all other course information.

After Lockout

  • Instructors communicate course designation with department schedulers, who then request for the Office of the University Registrar to list the course as AER/OER. 


*Lockout refers to the cutoff date when department schedulers no longer have access to make course updates. Lockout dates are generally in early to mid-September for Spring and Summer scheduling and early to mid-February for Fall and Intercession Scheduling. Please communicate with your department scheduler to obtain the correct date every semester. 


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