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Open Educational Resources (OER)/Affordable Educational Resources (AER) Course Marking Mandate: OER/AER Webinar Recording


Open and affordable educational resources (OER and AER) are a priority university initiative to make courses more accessible and affordable for our students.

OER are free teaching materials, distributed online, that allow anyone to copy, use, adapt, and remix the materials for their specific needs. OER are commonly used as alternatives to expensive textbooks by providing students with high-quality course readings at no cost. AER includes single or collections of required resource(s) offered at no or low cost to students at a pre-sales tax cost not to exceed an amount equal to four times the federal minimum wage.

Watch this recent webinar to learn:

  • What is OER/AER?
  • How to find or request OER/AER materials that meet your individual course needs
  • Who to contact for technical support or a consultation
  • How to let students know you use OER/AER materials
  • Simple strategies to save time and money by using OER/AER
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