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Open Educational Resources/Affordable Educational Resources Course Marking Mandate: Calculating Course Material Costs

What is included/excluded when calculating course material costs?

Included in the cost: textbooks and other instructional/curricular materials, such as workbooks, lab manuals, online homework platforms and codes, or publisher-provided materials for students.

Also included are any course fees for course materials, such as a textbook rental fee, inclusive access fee, Barnes & Noble College Booksellers’ First Day fee, or Follett’s ACCESS fee.

Excluded from the cost: supplies and equipment, including art supplies, lab tools, and calculators. Also excluded are course fees that are a lab fee, technology fee, or testing fee.

Should optional or recommended be included when calculating course material cost?

Costs for optional or recommended materials should not be included in the calculation.

For example: the instructor provides students with a link to a free, online version of materials but gives them the option to purchase materials in print. The cost of optional print materials should not be included in the calculation. However, if the print version is required in the class, it should be included in calculating the cost.

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