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Louisiana Music History: Materials in Special Collections


Louis Moreau Gottschalk was born May 8, 1829, in New Orleans to an English father and French Creole mother. Much of his musical style was influenced by Creole and Caribbean rhythms and harmonies, and he is lauded as having diversified classical music as a result. As a teenager and adult, Gottschalk drew on the musical traditions of the places he visited during his extensive travels, and would often incorporate these into his own compositions. He was one of the first American composers and performers to receive international acclaim. He died on December 18, 1869, while in Rio de Janeiro after a bout of malaria. According to popular belief, his health declined swiftly after collapsing on stage upon finishing a piece entitled “Morte!! (She is Dead).” 

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Louis Moreau Gottschalk

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Composers United States.
Gottschalk, Louis Moreau, 1829-1869.
Pianists United States.
Piano music.

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