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Louisiana Hurricanes

Images of Hurricanes from left to right, Audrey, Betsy, Camille, Andrew, Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike. Images used are in public domain, pulled from Wikipedia Commons.

Government Published Information


Throughout the time that hurricanes have impacted Louisiana, researchers have sought to learn more about how they impact their communities and how to better prepare. These findings have been researched and published by governments as pamphlets, research papers, or other forms of media. These publications are produced by local press, universities, and now as digital media. LSU Special Collections holds some of the publications directly related to various storms or general knowledge and can be discovered using the tools listed below.

Key Subject Headings

Listed below are some recommended subject headings for searching for government published information. Full steps on how to use these subject terms can be found on this LibGuide's homepage.

Buildings -- Natural disaster effects -- United States -- Evaluation.
Coastal engineering -- Louisiana.
Coastal zone management -- Louisiana.
Disaster relief -- Louisiana
Emergency management -- Louisiana
Emergency management -- Research -- Louisiana
Evacuation of civilians -- Louisiana.
Evacuation of civilians -- Research -- Louisiana
Floods -- Research -- Louisiana.
Hurricane protection -- Louisiana.
Hurricane protection -- Periodicals.
Hurricane protection -- Social aspects -- Louisiana.
Hurricanes -- Gulf States.
Hurricanes -- Louisiana.
Louisiana -- Hurricanes.
Roads -- Flood damage -- Research -- Louisiana.
Storms -- Louisiana -- Safety measures -- Planning.

Selected Collections

A few of the collections held by LSU Libraries Special Collections are listed below. Additional collections may be found utilizing the subject headings listed in the sections above. 

Books and other published materials

Hurricane Images Banner information

Images in the banner from left to right are numbered below 1 to 8.

1. Hurricane Audrey  2. Hurricane Betsy  3. Hurricane Camille  4. Hurricane Andrew  
5. Hurricane Katrina  6. Hurricane Rita  7. Hurricane Gustav  8. Hurricane Ike

Images 1-4 are in the public domain because they contain materials that originally came from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, taken or made as part of an employee's official duties. 
Images 5-8 are in the public domain in the United States because they were solely created by NASA. NASA copyright policy states that "NASA material is not protected by copyright unless noted". (See NASA copyright policy page.)

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