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Louisiana Hurricanes

Images of Hurricanes from left to right, Audrey, Betsy, Camille, Andrew, Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike. Images used are in public domain, pulled from Wikipedia Commons.

Cheniere Caminada hurricane of 1893


The Cheniere Caminada hurricane was first observed on September 27, 1893 and became a hurricane by the following day. On October 2, the hurricane made landfall at Cheniere Caminada, Louisiana, just west of Grand Isle before continuing over the southeastern part of the state. It made final landfall that night in Mississippi before dissipating on October 5. The storm brought a maximum observed windspeed of 130 mph and a deadly storm surge. The high winds and storm surge caused around 2,000 total fatalities, destroyed many vessels, and demolished large parts of towns and crops. The storm remains the deadliest storm in Louisiana history.

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Cheniere Caminada (La.) -- Hurricane, 1893.
Cheniere Caminada (La.) -- Storm, 1893.
Hurricanes -- Gulf States.
Hurricanes -- Louisiana.
Hurricanes -- Louisiana -- Cheniere Caminada.
Louisiana -- Hurricanes.
Louisiana -- Hurricane, 1893.

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1. Hurricane Audrey  2. Hurricane Betsy  3. Hurricane Camille  4. Hurricane Andrew  
5. Hurricane Katrina  6. Hurricane Rita  7. Hurricane Gustav  8. Hurricane Ike

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