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LIS 7405 Public Libraries

Helpful resources for completing work in LIS 7405 (spring 2020)

Plagiarism and LSU

The LSU Code of Student Conduct defines plagiarism as the "[l]ack of appropriate citation, or the unacknowledged inclusion of someone else's words, structure, ideas, or data; failure to identify a source or the submission of essentially the same work for two assignments without permission of the instructor(s)." (LSU Code of Student Conduct 10.1.H)

Use the Citations from EBSCOhost, but Don't Trust Them

If you use citations provided by EBSCO and other vendors or if you use citation management software (e.g., EndNote, Mendeley) to generate your citations, they will not always be correctly formatted and often contain errors.

For example, Dr. Stauffer wrote an article "The Intelligent, Thoughtful, Personality: Librarianship as a Process of Identity Formation" in Library & Information History. Her name is not correctly identified in the database Library Literature & Information Science Full Text. Her first name and last name were transposed. Instead of appearing in the correct format (Stauffer, Suzanne M.), her name appears as Suzanne M., Stauffer. If this sort of misattribution interests and frustrates you, you may want to learn more about the ORCID program. ORCID hopes to overcome this type of problem.

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