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LIS 7405 Public Libraries

Helpful resources for completing work in LIS 7405 (spring 2020)

Option 1. Use Discovery.

Type the name of the article in the search box of Discovery. Enclose it in quotation marks for accuracy.

See if any of the results match the citation information you have.

If a match doesn't turn up, try Option 2.

Option 2. Search the Catalog.

Step 1.

Click the Catalog tab on the library's homepage.

Step 2.

Select Title from the dropdown menu under the search box.

Step 3. 

Search for the title of the journal in which the article appears.

For our example, if we are searching for the article

Stolzenberg, R. M. & Relles, D. A. (1990) Theory testing in a world of constrained research design. Sociological Methods and Research, 18, 395-415.

we would need to look up Sociological Methods and Research in the catalog.

Step 4.

Find the item in the results list which matches the periodical for which you are looking. Under the title, you can see the date range of Libraries' subscription whether it is in print or available online.

In the example of Sociological Methods and Research, the journal is available online.

Step 5.

Choose option that covers the year in which the article appears. In this case, the article was published in 1990, so we need to click on the the link that represents coverage from 1972-1998.

 Step 6.

Once you get to the journal, you just need to look for the volume and issue number that match the citation.

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