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Battle of Baton Rouge

Digital Humanities & Visual Analysis

Instruction applications: 

  • Provides event context for students 
  • Shows how past is rooted in the present – how it looked now vs. then
  • Digital humanities transforms works and helps students engage with primary sources
    • "Digital humanities is all about creating new knowledge and understandings including delving into different ways of thinking in a discipline" (Russell, J. E., & Hensley, M. K. (2017). Beyond buttonology: Digital humanities, digital pedagogy, and the ACRL Framework. College & Research Libraries News78(11), 588–600.)
    • "The critical thinking fostered by working with digital tools and techniques complements traditional humanistic inquiry" (Bonds, E. L. (2014). Listening in on the Conversations: An Overview of Digital Humanities Pedagogy. CEA Critic 76(2), 151. Johns Hopkins University Press.)
  • Discuss the topic of loss of monuments/urban change – what is gained by this change and what is lost
  • Allows students to do visual analysis
  • Compare conflicting narratives
  • Compare homefront to battlefield

Tools Used:

StoryMap, Juxtapose, Timeline (all from Knightlab)

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