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Agriculture Graduate Student Orientation: Research Guides and Subject Specialists

A resource guide that is full of helpful information for Ag Grad students.

Agriculture Support Librarian

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Randa Lopez Morgan
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Research Guides and Subject Specialists

With over 300 databases, millions of journals and books, and countless research articles, finding exactly what you need can be overwhelming. Let Research Guides help you! There's one for every major at LSU. These help pinpoint specific resources to make researching easier for you. 


Not all Research Guides are created equally. They are dependent upon information and resources available.

We can also create course-specific guides called, Course Guides when needed or requested. 

There is a subject specialist for each topic. This person can assist you with finding and evaluating information, tools, and other resources.

Keep in mind that while there is a specific librarian who might be able to help you with specific topics, don't be afraid to ask your questions to any librarian available. We all have special skill sets that may better address your needs than just the subject specialist. 

Research Guide Breakdown

Reference Sources contain background information that can be used to learn more about a topic. These often consist of encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, data sets, standards, etc. 

Since there are so many books at LSU Libraries, every book that is relevant is not listed. However, the call number locations of certain topics that you might find useful information have been listed instead. 

To find books, simply use the Catalog or Discovery.

The library catalog allows users to search by keyword, subject, title, author, and periodical title. This way of searching will pull up print titles but also pull up electronic resources we may have access to such as eBooks and electronic journals. This will not find periodical article titles. If you need assistance with finding a book, journal, or article, just AskUs!

Discovery is another great way of finding materials. It is like shopping for information online! Use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to help focus in and narrow your results. Discovery searches multiple (not all) databases and the catalog. However, please note that not everything found in Discovery is full text accessible. This is a great place to begin researching if you are not sure what materials the library has in the collection. 

These are not all the journals that we have in the specific areas, the journals listed were picked by a combination of impact factor and electronic availability.  

The title of the journal is linked to the catalog or another access point. The date range is the time frame that the library has the longest access to and below that is the information about the scope or aim of the journal. 

The databases are the most frequently used databases in each subject.

Databases on the LSU Libraries website can be filtered by Subject, Database Types, Vendors/Providers, and also has a search function. Make sure to clear the filters after each search. 

The most popular databases and trials will also be listed on the left-hand side of the page. 

Web Resources change depending on the topic but most include reliable websites (including Government Resources), reliable news sources, and professional organizations. These can all be great sources of information and should not be discounted in certain situations. However, that being said, these are more likely to not have trustworthy information, proceed with caution and be sure to more carefully evaluate your information. 

Other tabs may be listed on Research Guides such as Trials, New Books, etc. 

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