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MathSciNet: Citations

Mathematics-specific citations

Starting from MathSciNet, scroll down to click on "Previous Release."  Then click on the Citations tab in the old interface.

  • Narrow subject searches by citation find most-cited publications in a specialized subfield.
  • Broad subject searches by citation find the most-cited expository books.

Example: What is the most cited book in probability theory?

  1. Start at MathSciNet. Click on the "Search MSC" tab.  Look up the MSC for Probability Theory.  It is "60."
  2. Starting from MathSciNet, scroll down to "Previous Release."  Click on "Citations" tab.
  3. Click on "Search by Subject" tab.
  4. Input "60" in "Subject classification" search box.
  5. Answer is Convergence of Probability Measures, by Patrick Billingsley.  The reviewer, M. M. Siddiqui, describes the book as "welcome," "lucid," and "elegant."  Scroll down to find that the second edition has a separate listing, with yet more citations.
  6. Print copy of the 1968 first edition is on the 4th floor of LSU Library, at QA273. B574 (Catalog record
  7. Print copy of the 1999 second edition is nearby at QA273.6. B55 (Catalog record)


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