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MathSciNet: Author Searches

Using the author field

  • Distinct author IDs distinguish authors.  
  • Author Profile page aggregates data for each author:
    • Links to publications sorted by primary MSC subject.
    • Lnks to publications by sorted by collaborator.

Method 1:

  1. Click on Author tab at MathSciNet.
  2. Type author name, "David Hilbert," into search box.
  3. Select "David Hilbert" with superscript "1", who has many citations.

Method 2:

  1. Click on "Authors" tab at MathSciNet.
  2. Input name with asterisk (*) truncation symbol, such as "Wang, H*".  
  3. Browse list of names.  Individuals with the same name are assigned numbers (in addition to the author ID indices).
  4. Mouse over name, then click "Author Profile."



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