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MathSciNet: Subject Searches

Using the Mathematics Subject Classification system

Searching by Mathematical Subject Classification (MSC):

  • Zoom in on very specialized literature.
  • Or zoom out to find general expositions.

Example: Find a graduate-level exposition of group theory, offering many exercises on the Sylow Theorems.

  1. Go to the MSC page to find the MSC 20-01: "Group theory and generalizations: Instructional exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.)" 
  2. Input "20-01" in MathSciNet under "MSC Primary."
  3. Input "Sylow and exercises" in MathSciNet under "Anywhere." 
  4. Under "Publication Type," choose "Books" (to get graduate level expositions).
  5. Click "Search."
  6. Open and scan results.  As of August 2020, there were 16 results.  
  7. Look at Adam Glesser's review of Antonio Machi's book, Groups: An introduction to ideas and methods of the theory of groups.  Glessner's review emphasizes the "copious exercises" and that "nearly every section has several well-chosen illustrations of the theory."  Glesser mentions "Sylow theorems" (which was a search keyword). 
  8. Search in Springerlink database to find the book (link at book title in previous step).  
  9. Find chapter 3 on "Group Actions and Permutation Groups.  Section 3.2 on "Sylow Theorems" does indeed have many illustrations of the theory and many exercises.


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