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Social Work

Tips on databases, database searching, APA Style, government info, etc.

A Brief Introduction Video

Beginner friendly video on how to start searching for research resources! The timestamps are listed below the video. Note: This is short video that does not detail all library resources, but is a great start to building a solid foundation. For additional resources on searching feel free to visit our "How To" guide. For even more help and one-on-one assistance, reach out to your Social Work Librarian at 

Video timestamps:

00:00-01:14 Introduction/How to Use this Video

01:14-03:17 Basics of Navigating the Library Homepage Tabs

03:17-04:55 Social Work Research Guide

04:55-06:45 Using Discovery for Articles: Basics

06:45-09:17 Search Strategies for Keywords & Boolean Operators

09:17-11:17 Accessing the Full Text, Interlibrary Loan

11:17-12:44 The Abstract, Citation starter, and Permalink features

12:44-13:31 Documenting Your Search & Search History

13:31-14:17 Searching in Specific Databases vs. Searching in Discovery

14:17-16:55 Searching in SocIndex & Adding in various databases*

16:55-18:10 Contact Information/Conclusion

*Note: Each Database contains different features that I did not discuss in this video. There are also many other resources & databases that I did not go over in this brief tutorial. It is only a starting point. 

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