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Zombies! --- HNRS 2020 & CMST 3013 (Bennett)

Using Scholarly Books in Your Research

The books listed here are just a few pulled from the LSU Libraries catalog. You can search for books in the catalog by using the "Catalog" search bar on the Libraries homepage or by limiting your Discovery search results to "Library Catalog Only." 

Just a quick tip about scholarly books - look at the table of contents to see if there are any particular chapters related to your research. For example, in Sarah Juliet Lauro's "Zombie Theory: A Reader," I scanned the table of contents and saw a chapter titled "A zombie manifesto: the nonhuman condition in the era of advanced capitalism." Since I'm interested in the link between zombie films and capitalism, I would read this chapter as opposed to the entire book. 

Books from LSU Libraries Catalog

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