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Zombies! --- HNRS 2020 & CMST 3013 (Bennett)

Search Strategies

When searching in the databases listed below or the specific journals at the left of the screen, you may want to consider using a combination of search terms that relate to your topic. Here are some examples of ways you could search: 

  • zombies and [term/idea] 
    • zombies and alienation 
  • zombies or zombie and [term/idea] (*Note: Using "or" between the two terms (zombies and zombie) will increase your results)  
    • Example: "zombies or zombie and popular culture"
  • zombie films and [term/idea]
    • zombie films and capitalism 
  • [director] and [term/idea] 
    • Example: George A. Romero and working class
    • You can also just search by the director's name to get a sense of what is being written by scholars and experts. 
  • [name of movie] and [term/idea]
    • Example: "Night of the Living Dead" and masculinity 
    • You can also just search by the name of the movie to get a sense of how it is being discussed by scholars and experts. 

Remember to look at the subject terms associated with the articles that are showing up in your results lists --- these terms can be used in your search as well! 

Discovery Search - Broad/General Results

Suggested Databases for More Focused Results

These are suggested databases that you can use to search for scholarly and/or peer-reviewed articles. Databases are large collections of journals and so you'll get results from many different journals.  You will need to narrow your results on the left of the screen - these are called "limiters."

WorldCat: Searching Other Libraries

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