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Zombies! --- HNRS 2020 & CMST 3013 (Bennett)

Suggested List of Scholarly Journals

Each of the links below will take you to the library record for the journal listed. You can search within the journal by typing in your terms into the box that says "Search within Publication" in light grey text.  This box should be the first item underneath the journals' title. 

Search Strategies

When searching in the databases listed below or the specific journals at the left of the screen, you may want to consider using a combination of search terms that relate to your topic. Here are some examples of ways you could search: 

  • zombies and [term/idea] 
    • zombies and alienation 
  • zombies or zombie and [term/idea] (*Note: Using "or" between the two terms (zombies and zombie) will increase your results)  
    • Example: "zombies or zombie and popular culture"
  • zombie films and [term/idea]
    • zombie films and capitalism 
  • [director] and [term/idea] 
    • Example: George A. Romero and working class
    • You can also just search by the director's name to get a sense of what is being written by scholars and experts. 
  • [name of movie] and [term/idea]
    • Example: "Night of the Living Dead" and masculinity 
    • You can also just search by the name of the movie to get a sense of how it is being discussed by scholars and experts. 

Remember to look at the subject terms associated with the articles that are showing up in your results lists --- these terms can be used in your search as well! 

Scholarly Databases

These are suggested databases that you can use to search for scholarly and/or peer-reviewed articles. Databases are large collections of journals and so you'll get results from many different journals.  You will need to narrow your results on the left of the screen - these are called "limiters."

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