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Zombies! --- HNRS 2020 & CMST 3013 (Bennett)

Search Strategy Suggestion

Newspaper and magazines are popular sources, NOT scholarly or peer-reviewed. However, newspapers and magazines have wonderful information that can be used in your research, especially relating to current events, pop culture, and films. Here are some search suggestions that you may want to try: 

  • When searching in newspapers and magazines, type [name of film] and film review. 
    • Example: Zombieland Film Review 
  • You can also search for just the term "zombies" to see what types of articles are being written on the topic. You will most likely get a lot of results searching this way, but there are a few questions that might be worth asking:
    • Are they using the term zombie to describe something or someone? (This could be in relation to politics, pop culture, etc.) 
    • Are they talking about specific movies or the larger zombie genre?

Newspaper and Magazines

Some of the links below will take you to the publisher's website or will take you to the Libraries' catalog record.  If you are taken to the catalog record, you can search within the text of that magazine or newspaper by typing in your search terms into the box underneath the magazine or newspaper's title. This box has grey text that says "Search within Publication" 

News Databases (Searchable Collections of National & International News)

NOTE: We also have a large collection of historical newspapers that you might want to use for your research.  A listing of these can be found on the Journalism Research Guide, under the tab titled "Historical Newspapers."  Link to guide:

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