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The Assignment Guidelines

The research assignment for ID1051 is to create an ILLUSTRATED ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY of an Interior Design element found in a particular design era/style as assigned by the spelling of your last name.  Research the Era/Style indicated and select an INTERIOR DESIGN element or a particular furnishing of interest from that period.

  • Antiquity 4500Bcbe-500ce
  • Medieval 300c- 1500
  • Renaissance 1450-1649
  • Baroque 1600-1730
  • Rococo 1715-1780
  • Neoclassical 1760-1830
  • Non-Western Influence-Mughal Empire (India)
  • Non - Western Influence- China‚Äč 
  • Empire 1789-1848
  • Revival Style 1830-1880
  • Aesthetic Movement 1868-1900
  • Influence of Japan on Western Modernism
  • Art Nouveau 1880-1910; 
  • Arts and Crafts Movement 1880-1915; 
  • International Style 1917-1940
  • Art Deco 1920-1940;  
  • Mid-century Modern 1940-1960 
  • Contemporary Style 1960-Present

To select something to write about you will have to research the topic “deep” enough to find relevant sources.  Select 4-6 sources that inform the topic, read the sources, and then prepare a DECLARATION.  The DECLARATION is to be submitted on a single sheet (8 1/2 x 11) of paper, typed, and identified by your name, LSUID#, and the course number and section number.  

DECLARATIONS ARE DUE by 26 February, 2020.

The completed ILLUSTRATED ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY is to be structured in MLA format, typed (8 1/2 x 11 size sheets), double spaced, and submitted in a plain presentation pocket folder, labeled with your name, LSUID#, and the course and section number on the upper right hand corner of the cover.  

The BIBLIOGRAPHIES ARE DUE on April 3, 2020, by 5:00 PM, at Prof. Tebbutt's Office, 416 Design Bldg.  There will be a box outside his door for collection.

Each annotation should include three (3) paragraphs: a summary, an evaluation of the text, and a reflection on its applicability to your own research, respectively.  Each paragraph should be 75-150 words.  Please be sure to include colored illustrations with your sources.  Samples may be found at the following sites:

Click the Subject Terms tab above to see a list of LC subject headings you can use to search for sources on your assigned time period.

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