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HIST 4196: Magic and Witchcraft in Europe: Option B

This guide will introduce you to resources for completing either option of your research assignment.



Since books in LSU Library are organized by subject, most books on the subject of magic and witchcraft will be found in the section BF 1404-2055, which is the section on "occult sciences." However, some books may be organized according to the area of history studied. For example, books on the Elizabethan Age in Great Britain can be found in DA 350-360. I recommend searching the catalog by keyword or subject to find a book or two and then perusing the shelves for other related books near it. To get you started, here are a sample of some of the books related to this class, available in the stacks and online.

Finding Example Historiographies

You may find it useful to look at other historiographies on your topic, both to get ideas of how to structure your essay and to get ideas of books you might look for.

You can search the catalog using the search strategy: topic AND historiography (for example, Britain and historiography). For other historiographies, check out one of the publications below, which specifically publish essays and books of historiography.

Subject Headings

Use the following to search by subject in the catalog and databases to locate materials on your topic:

Witchcraft -- England-- History 
Trials (Witchcraft) history 
Trials (Witchcraft) Europe -- history 
Witchcraft -- Europe -- History 
Witchcraft -- Social aspects -- Europe 
Witch hunting -- Historiography
Warlocks -- Europe  -- History 
Werewolves -- Europe  -- History 
Witches -- Europe  --- History 
Demonology -- Social aspects -- Europe 
Demonology -- Europe  -- History 
Magic - Europe  - History
Trials (witchcraft)

To search for a person as a subject enter their name Last Name, First name

If you are interested in the legal context: 
Criminal law - [name of country] - history 
Criminal procedure - [name of country] -- history 
Evidence (Law) -- [name of country] -- History 
Criminal Justice, Administration of -- [name of country] -- History

Further paths which might be fruitful:

Moral panics
Deviant behavior -- History 
Conformity -- History 
Social control -- History 
Persecution -- History

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