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HIST 4196: Magic and Witchcraft in Europe: Home

This guide will introduce you to resources for completing either option of your research assignment.


Depending on which option you choose for your research assignment, you will need different resources. As a review:

  • Option A: Work on interpreting a primary source related to the subject area of this class (so many possibilities! witchcraft, superstitious practices, learned magic, alchemy, astrology, “wonder stories”, divination, ghosts, werewolves, monsters, demonic possession, vampires, miracles, etc.). A great variety of primary sources is available digitally, in translation, and through LSU libraries. For this option choose one substantive source and write a paper that analyzes your source and places it in historical context. 
  • Option B: Write a historiographic essay. Choose a topic of interest to you related to the subject area of this class. Find five or six secondary historical sources (monographs and journal articles) that address the topic. In your paper, review what scholars have said about the issue, about its historical significance, and discuss how and why scholars’ accounts differ or disagree.

Navigate to the appropriate resources for your assignment using the tabs at the top of this guide.

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