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Veterinary - Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine: Foreground questions

Resources to consult for foreground questions

types of resources that can answer foreground questions (resources listed below)

Point-of-care tools

Use Vetstream, Veterinary Information Network (VIN), or other point-of-care veterinary tools to aide in making evidence-based clinical decisions. Several online resources, including the open access journal Veterinary Evidence and Banfield's Critically Appraised Topics page, provide summaries of current knowledge. For more information and a list of other point-of-care tools, see the Clinical Databases and Resources research guide.


Use PubMed with appropriate article types filter(s) (i.e. systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, and/or meta-analysis)  or search other databases with the appropriate article type as one of the search elements. For more information about research databases, see the Research Databases research guide.

The free online database BestBETS for Vets offers a number of Critically Appraised Topics (CATs) for clinical questions related to a variety of species. VetSRev is a free online database that contains citations for veterinary systematic reviews.

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