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Chemical Engineering

Engineering Librarian

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Cambria Huff
Office: 225-578-6380

Reference Sources

Subject-specific dictionaries are useful for those working on cross-disciplinary projects and students new to a discipline.

Specialized encyclopedias provide a wealth of information, such as basic, background information on a topic, bibliographies of articles, books, and other materials on a topic, and images, sounds, and graphics to add interest to your presentations and posters.

Handbooks provide standard information, including tables of data, citations to literature, and brief synopses of topics.

Use laboratory protocols and methods to locate step-by-step instructions on laboratory and research methods. LSU Libraries subscribes to both electronic and print protocols and methods.

If you're not sure what standard you need, these tools can help you identify it:

The primary standard collections for Chemical Engineering available at LSU Libraries are below. For other standards, contact the Engineering Librarian or request them through Interlibrary Loan:


The SciFinder and Reaxys databases can be used to locate references to spectra and/or spectral data in the chemical literature. SciFinder provides online access to some spectra, Reaxys provides literature references only.

Online Spectra

Below are some freely available sites that provide a limited number of spectra online.

Print Spectra Sources

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