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Veterinary - Clinical Databases and Resources: Poisoning, poisonous plants, and toxicity information in Vetstream

Poison, poisonous plants, and toxicity information in Vetlexicon

Vetlexicon contains many resources pertaining to poisoning and toxicity; these resources include general overviews of poisons and poisonous plants for each species, plant poisoning information by toxic compound, plant specific profiles, and compound toxicity information.


To browse all toxicity articles available by species, select the species you wish to browse, then click on the "toxicology" link.

Generally, each species module toxicology section includes a poisoning overview article; most species modules also contain a poisonous plants overview article which list plants toxic to the species, clinical signs, and prevention. The toxicology sections also contain articles about specific poisonous plants, snake bites, toxic substances, etc.


Poisonous plant profiles

The contents of poisonous plant profiles vary, but generally will include toxicity information, clinical signs, and treatment information. If an image of the plant is available, the image may be in the text article itself or in an image file in the Related content area.


Toxicity information

Toxicity articles detail pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and outcomes.

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