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Veterinary - Clinical Databases and Resources: Alternative medicine and Owner Education Resources in Vetstream

The canine, feline, rabbit, and horse modules contain herbal medicine, homeopathy, and acupuncture articles. To find these articles, search the terms "herbal medicine", "acupuncture", or "homeopathy" in the search box.

If you are interested only in a certain species, filter by species.


Vetstream contains a variety of owner education resources, including many owner factsheets on a variety of topics from routine care to diseases to behavior problems. You can print these factsheets to give to clients as you discuss health, routine care, and other issues with them.

Some of the video, image, and PDF resources in Vetstream are also valuable owner education resources.

Owner information resources by species

1. To browse owner information resources available by species, click the species icon you wish to review.

2. In the species browse page, select the link for "owner information" (in the bovine module, the link is titled "Farmer information sheets").

Shows location of Owner information browse link


3. In the Owner information screen, resources will be divided by type.


Searching for factsheets

To browse the factsheets available for all species in Vetstream, search "factsheets".

To find a factsheet about a particular topic, search the topic in the search bar, then filter by content type "factsheets."

Faculty Use in Instruction

Faculty may use the Vetlexicon image and video resources in lectures, but the images/videos must be shown from within the Vetlexicon site. If you are using screenshots, the screenshot must include the Vetlexicon logo.

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