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Veterinary - Clinical Databases and Resources: Medication and Treatment Information in Vetstream

Diagnosis and Treatment information in Vetlexicon

Vetlexicon articles about diseases and injuries contain detailed diagnosis, treatment, and outcome information at the species level.



Once you are in the article page, if you wish to research diagnosis information about the disease, click on the diagnosis heading link at the top of the article to be taken directly to diagnosis information.

The diagnosis section details presentation signs and tests and procedures to confirm diagnosis. If Vetlexicon contains a resource detailing the test or procedure, a link to that resource is included.



If you wish to research treatment information, click the treatment heading link at the top of the article to be taken directly to treatment information.

Each Treatment section includes an initial symptomatic treatment subsection. If a disease requires ongoing care, the Treatment section will include a subsequent management subsection. If medication is indicated in treatment, a link to the medication profile is included.

If applicable, a Prevention section follows immediately after the Treatment section. All disease articles conclude with an Outcomes section which details prognosis, expected response to treatment, and reasons for treatment failure.

Medication information in Vetlexicon

Vetlexicon contains medication profiles detailed by species. Each profile contains a brief introduction, uses, administration, dosage, pharmacokinetics, precautions, adverse reactions, and further reading.


To search for a medication, enter the drug name in the search box, then filter by species for which you need information or click on the result with the icon color coded to match the species you are interested in.


In the Administration section of the article, both routes of administration and dosage are detailed.

Faculty Use in Instruction

Faculty may use the Vetlexicon image and video resources in lectures, but the images/videos must be shown from within the Vetlexicon site. If you are using screenshots, the screenshot must include the Vetlexicon logo.

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