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Veterinary - Clinical Databases and Resources: Vetlexicon

Vetlexicon Clinical Reference (formerly Vetstream)

What is Vetlexicon?

Vetlexicon is an online clinical reference source offering evidence-based treatment plans, detailed formularies, client factsheets, multimedia resources on a variety of veterinary topics, and more. It provides peer-reviewed content and structured point of care information for the treatment of dogs, cats, rabbits, exotics, horses, and cattle.

Always access Vetlexicon through the LSU Vet Med Library's databases page or favorite the Vetlexicon link address from the Vet Med Library's homepage.

Explore Vetlexicon:

Searching Vetlexicon

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Medication information

Client information and factsheets

Procedure and Lab Test Information

Poisoning, Poisonous Plants, and Toxicity Information

Diagnostic Trees

Citing Vetlexicon Resources

Faculty Use in Instruction

Faculty may use the Vetlexicon image and video resources in lectures, but the images/videos must be shown from within the Vetlexicon site. If you are using screenshots, the screenshot must include the Vetlexicon logo.

The original content of this research guide was created by Chairity Waugh.

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