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NSF Broader Impact Statements: Using Web of Science for NSF Proposal Drafting

A guide for researchers preparing NSF grant proposals

Using Web of Science as You Prepare Your Proposal

NSF proposals require researchers to cite relevant articles and studies to show evidence of both the intellectual merit of their anticipated research projects. Many researchers will be using Web of Science to find current research articles related to their projects. Research can also use Web of Science to identify researchers who have been awarded NSF grants. These researchers can then be contacted for information about their broader impact statements and how they implemented their broader impacts programming. Networking with researchers doing work in your field may help you draft your broader impact statement, particularly in light of the fact that NSF does not make broader impact statement sections of grant proposals available publicly. 

Identifying NSF-funded Research in Web of Science

1. Search for articles related to your research topic in Web of Science.

2. From the results page, open the Funding Agencies limiter menu on the left-hand side of the page.

3. Select National Science Foundation from the list.

4. The articles listed in the results can provide you with the contact information of researchers who have been awarded NSF funds. Contact researchers to ask about their broader impact statement and how they implemented their programming. 

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