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Russell Mann Sherlock Holmes Research Collection: How To...

A collection guide to LSU Special Collections' materials related to Sherlock Holmes

How to Request Materials from the Research Collection

These materials are available for viewing only in the reading room at Hill Memorial Library on LSU's campus.  

  1. Click link to the Sherlock Holmes Research Collection catalog record
  2. Once on the page, access the finding aid. The finding aid is an inventory for the collection and provides information on materials you might want to request. Take note of desired box and folder number for future use. 
  3. Return to the catalog record and locate the 'request item' link that corresponds to the correct range of boxes needed. Once clicked, you will be prompted to either log in or create a guest account. 
  4. Once logged in, you will automatically be taken to a 'New Request Page'. Here, insert the necessary box and folder information noted earlier. 
  5. At the bottom, choose anticipated date of use and submit request. Once you check in and visit the reading room, these items will be made available to you.   

How to Search the Book Collection

These materials are available for viewing only in the reading room in Hill Memorial Library on LSU's campus. 

  1. Follow the link to the LSU special collections home page.
  2. Once on the page, locate and click "search catalog."
  3. Under the "location" field, restrict options to "Russell A. Mann Sherlock Holmes Collection," and click search. 
  4. Once in the catalog, refine searches as necessary in order to locate needed materials.  
  5. Select the 'request item' link to submit your request to view the book in Hill Memorial Library. 


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