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ENGL 3072: American Literature II (Costello)

This guide includes resources for American Literature II.

Search Strategy Suggestions

Here are some suggestions to help you narrow down your searches:

  • Use the AND drop-down menus in advanced search to combine terms (such as the author of your work and its title; the title of your work and a theme or concept; etc).
  • Pay attention to the source types in your results. You are limited to scholarly books, scholarly essays, and scholarly journal articles. The first result in the example below is a dissertation, which you would not be able to use for your annotated bibliography. You can filter by source type in each of the databases on this guide.
    Source Types in Search Results
  • Use the date range options to narrow down results to sources that are more recent.
    Date Range
  • Start with MLA International Bibliography first!
  • After you've searched in MLAIB, you can supplement your searches with the other databases from your guide. For an idea of where to look for which source types, see below.
Best Bets for Scholarly Journal Articles Best Bets for Scholarly Books Best Bets for Critical Essays
MLA International Bibliography MLA International Bibliography Literature Resource Center
Academic Search Complete Project MUSE Literature Criticism Online Archive
JSTOR JSTOR Literary Reference Center
Project MUSE    


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