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Using the Databases: CQ Researcher Plus Archive

How to use the most popular research databases at LSU.

Introduction to CQ Researcher Plus Archive

CQ Researcher is a database of in-depth, authoritative reports on a full range of political and social-policy issues extending back to 1923. Each report is footnoted and includes an overview, background section, chronology, bibliography and debate-style pro-con feature, plus tools to study the evolution of the topic over time. 

Use CQ Researcher to fexplore ad build background knowledge about current issue/controversy topics for English composition papers and Communication Studies speech classes. 

How to Use CQ Researcher Plus Archive

Users on campus: Click on the CQ Researcher link below.

Users off campus:

  1. Click on the Click on the CQ Researcher link below. 
  2. Enter your MyLSU username and password when prompted to sign in.

The video below provides an overview of CQ researcher.

The video below is a tutorial that shows how to search CQ Researcher.

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