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Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae(LIMC) - A User's Guide

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Marty Miller
Room 141, LSU Library

Using the LIMC

  • What is it? It is a multivolume encyclopedia of Classical images, including black and white illustrations and bibliographical information.
  • It covers Greek and Roman art from the Mycenaeans to the Early Christian Era.
  • The call number is NX650 M9 .L48.  There are multiple volume numbers and has two or three parts in separate books. Example: for Volume 1, the articles are in Part 1 and the images are in Part 2.
  • Images are arranged alphabetically by subject, then grouped together by iconography.  Example: Apollo, Artemis, Demeter.
  • Each image listed in the text section has a number beside it.  Those with stars next to the number have a corresponding black and white picture in the image volume.  Remember, it is arranged by topic then by iconography, so you can see similar depictions of Apollo and Daphne, for example, in different media.
  • Each image has a small bibliography provided in the text volume entry.
  • The articles are written in German, Italian French, English depending on the native language of the author.  Don't worry!  You don't have to read the entire text to use this resource.  Click on the Translation of Key Terms tab above this box.  This will give you a list of common art terms used in LIMC in different languages.
  • Where do I find it? Right now it's shelved in the reference section of the library, 1st floor. 


You do not need to read every word of the Lexicon articles to understand where particular types of images are grouped.  Here are some translations of common topic headings you will see:

Greek - German: Griechische, French: Grecque,  Italian: Greco

Roman - German: Romanisch, French, Romain, Italian: Romano

Mosaic- German: mosaik, French: mosaique, Italian: mosaico

Painting - German: malerai, plural: Gemalde French: peinture, Italian: pittura

Sculpture - German: skulpture, skulpturen French: sculpture, Italian: scultura

Relief sculpture  - German, French: relief, Italian: scultura in rilievo

Attic - German:  Attisch

Ceramics - German: keramik, French: ceramique, Italian: ceramica

Red figure - German: rotfigurige, French: chiffre rouge, Italian: figura rosso

Black figure- German: schwarzfigurige, French: figure noir, Italian: figura nera

Gems - German: Gemmen, French: bijoux, Italian: gemme

Representations - German: darstellungen, French: representation, Italian: immagine

Shell(s) - German: Schale, shalen, French: coquilles, Italian: conchigle

*There are more call number ranges dealing with Greek art than are listed here.  Keep in mind that many books that include Greek art are cataloged under Archaeology.

N 5630's - Greek art

NA 260's-270's - Greek Architecture

NB 160's - Greek sculpture

ND 110's - Greek painting

NK 4645's - Vase painting


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