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ENGL 1001 (Trevathan)

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Sarah Simms


Welcome to the library resource guide for Dr. Trevathan's ENGL 1001 class. This guide is meant to introduce you to research for your annotated bibliography.

Research requirements for your annotated bibliography:

  • 6 credible sources (reliable, critical sources found through the LSU Libraries)
    • 3 must be scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles in academic journals
    • 3 should be trustworthy, respected sources from top-tier, major market, well-known popular newspapers, magazines, or other periodicals (e.g. New York Times, Wall Street Journal) 
  • No unauthorized websites, blogs, or reference sources (encyclopedias, Wikipedia, dictionaries, blogs, Spark notes, Shmoop, etc.)
  • References should be formatted according to APA style

Scroll down to see recommended resources for your topic. Academic Search Complete is where you can find scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. Newspaper articles can be found by searching Access World News, or by using the New York Times or Wall Street Journal

Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Articles

When searching for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles using Academic Search Complete, don't forget to limit your results! These limiters can be found on the left-hand side of the screen. You can limit your results by checking to certain source types by checking boxes like "Peer Reviewed" and "Academic Journals." You can also choose a date range for publication. Below is an example: 


Newspapers (Popular Sources)

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